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Raw juice and health.

Raw juice and health.

raw juice and health

Everyone’s experience with raw juice is different and I just want to tell you our story. The story about the (possible) connection between “juicing” and “infertility”. You can decide if you will find it helpful…just keep on reading.

The Holy Grail for health dummies

What were you doing just before Christmas 2016? I can tell you, what I was doing…binge-watching movies on Netflix and eating crap food.  As a production operative for a small manufacturing company, I had like 2 week ( almost ) holiday. And since my hubby was working in a different city and I only saw him like a couple of days, I was totally lazy.

One morning after half-watching another chick flick, I realized that I literally wasted half of my holiday. It got me thinking “Shall I broaden my horizons or shall I stay on the path of misery and destruction” ( maybe not that dramatic though )

And then I found it: The Holy Grail for health dummies! The light at the end of “junk food is my middle name” tunnel! It being “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” documentary on

Thank You, Mr. Joe Cross for showing that raw juice fasting can be done! Not going to say that the next couple of weeks were the easiest weeks of my life.

It is hard to only drink raw juice, water and herbal tea (I am thankful for the creation of peppermint tea!) working full time and going to the gym after work, but I truly wanted to change my lifestyle.

In just one month I lost 10kg (22 lb) and I was looking forward to losing at least another 5-10 kg… But my situation changed… I will come back to that in a moment!

“Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” was not the only documentary that caught my attention! If you are a health nut, like me (now) you might hear about “Forks over Knife” plant-based eating plan (not going to say diet, I just don’t like that word) or even lifestyle. But if not, stay tuned, because it’s another story!

 I got pregnant. 

Well, I got pregnant and before you think anything if you haven’t read “about me” page, this pregnancy came as The Biggest Surprise EVER! Happy surprise, of course. My hubby and I were trying to create 1+1=3 for almost 5 years… At some point, we convinced ourselves that we will have to seek medical help, but kept it as a last resort. As it happened, last resort was not required, because in March 2017 we got pregnant.

Raw Juice as Reboot for your body

Back to Fat Sick and Nearly Dead“. In his documentary, Joe Cross speaks about how raw juice fasting is working as a reboot for your body. Once, when I was around 5 years old, I was playing outside and, as I was running downhill, I fell and hit my forehead quite badly. How do I know this? My mom told me because I don’t remember that particular bruise. She also told me that It was so bad, I should have a scar (which I don’t, by the way).

That made me thinking “ what if Joe ( I’m going to call him Joe from now on, so, Mr. Joe Cross, if you are reading this, you ROCK! ) is right and we need to give our body lots of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) for this amazing “reboot” to happen.

And what if “reboot” can help heal our body or should I say the human body, using all the goodness from vegetables and fruits, should heal itself! As a child, I hit my forehead and my body healed itself not even leaving scars…

And in almost 30 years after raw juice fasting my body (probably, since I didn’t go to see my doctor after all) did some “spring cleaning” to itself… And… BOOM. Unexpected becomes expected!

I’m not a doctor

I’m not a doctor. I’m not going to convince you, my dear reader, that magically by drinking only freshly made (preferably using organic or at least properly washed veggies and fruits) you will cure all your diseases…

But what if we can cut our health problems in half (let’s start with half!). In mind comes saying “you are what you eat”. And Did you know, that skin is our biggest organ and we are LITERALLY what we eat. because about every 27 days human skin regenerate itself. And in an average lifetime, human skin completely replaces itself 900 times! How awesome is that! And since the human body uses food as a source for skin building blocks, we can change the way we look by choosing a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition!

 Slow Juicer

I wanted this particular slow juicer for ages! (more like 6 months after I first saw one on Amazon). Since I am still feeding my little dude by using what Mother Nature gave me. Because of that, I can not do full raw juice fast. but I can drink one cup of sunshine, wholesomeness, goodness, deliciousness, rock my world juice per day! But you know who needs to do a proper reboot?

My hubby! And since I want to try all sorts of juice recipes, I am going to use my hubby dearest as a guinea pig. Hopefully, he will agree!? If you are interested in his progress. Or maybe you want to know more about easy nutritious juice recipes. Or you just like me and want to be best friends forever, stay tuned, because this is just THE BEGINNING!

Thank You, dear reader, for staying with FIToaks family

raw juice and health

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