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Let’s talk a little bit more about how raw juice fast can improve your health. Or can it?


Dear reader, let me ask you one question: “What comes to your mind when you hear word juicing?”

Juicing is the process of extracting juice from vegetables and fruits. You can use juicer or blender to make juice.raw juice fast

Juicer will remove pulp (and therefore fibre, which is important for our bodies) from veggies and fruits you use.

Blender will combine everything together and create smoothie (full of fibre)

So how comes something that looses good nutritious stuff, can be considered “good for health”?

I’ve noticed that in this life if you lose some, you win some. And in juicing situation you win by adding lots and lots of nutrients to your body through adding freshly made juice to your daily healthy lifestyle.

I’m not saying that smoothies are bad. NO! They are amazing and super delicious and full of good stuff too, but to make a smoothie you need less produce comparing to making juice.

At the same time remember the important healthy juice ratio: 80% vegetables and only 20% of fruits. Because fruity juice is full of simple carbohydrates that can spike sugar levels in your blood. At the same time, vegetables contain complex carbohydrates that are digested by your body slowly, therefore giving you a steady energy supply.

Isn’t that great! Go Veggies!

Keep on reading, if you wish to know more about my favourite juices. I have a few recipes that I and my hubby absolutely love.

Raw juice fast

Let me tell you about my struggle as I was going through the first couple of days of juice fasting.

First of all, I am a complete coffee freak. I love coffee, I could drink coffee all day long. And I did when I was working in a restaurant…free coffee heaven. But for the juice fast you have to give up coffee. I know, horrible, right? OK, I decided, a couple of days I can deal with it.

Next thing to know about me… I LOVE sweets and it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a chocolate, cake, cupcakes (my lovelies), cookies, pudding.

Basically, if it is sweet, I will eat it.

And to think about giving up sugary treats…my, oh, my… But since weight scales scared the bejeezus out of me, I committed to one week of the juice fast and decided to see if I can ( maybe ) survive at least one week!

So there I was, no coffee, no sugar, and cravings hit me so hard!

The first day or two I constantly thought about giving up.

 Who cares, that I weight almost as much as my husband!

Who cares that I can barely get my jeans on!

But in reality, I was very unhappy with the way I looked. And there was no one I could blame for putting on extra weight but myself.

It was my decision

My decision to ignore everything I knew about good food. And at that point in my life, I already found my way to the bright light of good nutrition. It left me with two choices: carry on with the juice fast or surrender and accept defeat…

raw juice fastI chose door #1 and as first cravings subsided, I felt so much energy, you will not believe! And not from sugary fruit juice, because I prefer green veggie juice. And this newly found energy helped me to stay strong and continue juice fast for 2 weeks.

Find the right motivation and everything you wish will become possible to achieve. But don’t forget about hard work, of course, because no one will do this for you.

Is raw juice fast bad for you?

Some people will say, that only drinking juice for any amount of time will ( probably ) help to lose weight.  But it will have a yo-yo effect when all those kilograms ( pounds ) will come back with vengeance!

Well, they might be right. If you, my dear reader, will go from unhealthy living to juice fasting and back without making any changes! All you will truly need is to find a balance between what you like and what your body needs.

In my case, I still drink coffee ( not as much thought and without any sugar ). I still have an occasional cake or cookie. Even my hubby accepted my sweet tooth as a part of me.

But at the same time, I eat or drink lots of veggies every day. Remember, freshly made juice will be a great addition for a healthy diet.  I still don’t like this word, but let’s use it this once.

Delicious and nutritious recipes!

Thank you, my dear reader-friend, for staying with me! And let me share with you some of my favourite juice recipes! Absolutely favourite drink in FIToaks family is “beetroots, carrot, and apple” juice! Busting with waste-flushing nutrients, this bright red juice is the ULTIMATE detoxifier!

Use: 3 small beetroots, chopped into chunks, 2 large carrots, topped, tailed and chopped into chunks, 2 apples, cut into wedges.

Press alternate chunks through your juicer, stir and enjoy! Beetroot is an excellent intestinal, liver and digestive-tract cleanser, as well as a powerhouse of nutrients that are especially effective when eaten raw or drunk as a juice! Carrot is one of the tops detoxifies of the vegetable world! Carrot help to boost the function of the liver, kidneys and digestive system! One medium, unpeeled apple provides more than 10% of recommended daily fibre intake!

Another great detox juice is a combination of cucumber, celery, and broccoli.

You will need 1 cucumber, chopped into chunks, 3 celery sticks including tops, chopped into chunks, 2 medium broccoli florets, chopped into chunks.

The ascorbic and ceffeic acids in cucumber prevent water retention, yet at the same time, it’s high water content rehydrated your body! Raw celery juice works wonders at reducing puffiness and cancelling out the fermentation process of any alcohol in the system, while broccoli cleanses the intestine and stimulates the liver.

To juice or not to juice?

raw juice fastI am still NOT a doctor of any kind. But I listen to my body’s cries for help and let my body to decide to juice or not to juice. In my case freshly made raw juice fasting helped me to reboot my body, lose some weight and ( possibly ) create a small, at least for now, adding to our FIToaks family.

But remember, dear reader, the choice will always be yours.

And only you can answer the question “ to juice or not to juice“!