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New Year is here!

My dear reader, tell me. Are you ready to start something new? Because if you anything like me, you will definitely start your year with “New Year’s Resolution”.  It could be anything: change hair color, change your fashion style. Maybe get that promotion you truly wanted. Maybe get in the gym and start a new diet. Let’s start something NEW together!

New Year’s Resolutions

If you want something, go for it! Sounds easy, right? So why only 8 % of people achieve their “New Year’s resolutions”?

And if you are not one of them, you might ask yourself: “What do I do wrong?”Let me answer this question!


Don’t worry, you are not the only one! Did you know, that, unless we are fully present, our mind will “go wondering around”?

Just think back. How often do you think about all sort of stuff, while you work? And let’s face it, that prevents you from succeeding. Is it possible, that the same thing stands between you and what you desire the most?! Is there something that can help with this “ situation”?! There surely is!

Stay with me, because I want to help you to succeed!

Ready to start something new

New Year, new diet! Oh, yeah! Been there, done that! I remember 5-ish years ago on New Year’s eve I said to myself: ” New Year is coming. I can try a new diet, maybe it works this time.” And there are so many ” diets” out there for you to try, right? Some are totally crazy, some are totally weird. If you want to succeed in any kind of “ diet”, you should start with understanding, that you don’t need one!

Ready to start something new? What you need is to change the way you look at the food you eat. And you need lots of self-loving because when you love yourself, you will love your body.

And if you love your body, you will feed to it only good stuff! Just so you know, in no way am I saying that you should in any way restrict your eating habits. Then what am I saying?

I mean choose your food wisely. As if your life depends on it! 

If you already tried a restricted diet before ( I surely did) and it didn’t work, so why would you try it again? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

When you get tired and distracted, you start doubting yourself.

You might even think that you don’t need to change. And even when you look in the mirror and see things you don’t like, you still doubt that anything can change.

You are not alone! I constantly doubt myself. And with that doubt comes deep and freezing feeling of fear. The fear of failure is the main reason why we quit.

Don’t quit today and life will reward you tomorrow.

Look inside your fridge

If you want food to be your fuel and medicine, if you want to lose some weight and not gain it again, you need to look inside your fridge.ready to start something new

I understand, that often you, my dear reader, are too busy to make the right choice when it comes to food (don’t worry, you are not the only one!).

Especially when there are so many easy options for you to choose from. All the delicious fast food options! All the snacks and sugary drinks that will make you hungrier!

You see them everywhere, they constantly try to change your “healthy living” mindset! But do not fear! You can break this vicious cycle of trying and failing! If you are reading this, means you are already half-way there.

Because the first step is THE most important!

Challenge Yourself

How often do you challenge yourself?

Or do things, that you thought were impossible to do?

How often do you look back at your day or week or month and you feel good about it?

Do you feel that you achieved everything that you wanted to achieve?

Does it feel like you overcame every challenge that stood between you and your goal?

If your answer is “not often enough”, stay with me, you might find something useful.

 If you wish to change, I have a challenge for you! Tomorrow is the day for you to start something NEW. Just decide that this New Year, you will reach that ” new me ” you always wanted to meet. I admire Mel Robbins, she helped me by showing:

Change is simple, not easy!

 Her book “The Five Seconds Rule” helped to rediscover my “new me”. More productive and less stressed “ME”. Not afraid of a challenge  “ME”.


Do something you have never done.


ready to start something newWake up 10 min earlier. Try a healthier lunch option. Walk that extra mile instead of using a car (or bus). Use that gym membership you got yourself for Christmas. Catch your wave!

Challenge yourself and don’t give up just because things get more difficult! Stay consistent and you will see POSITIVE changes in your life.


Change your mindset.

Are you ready to start something new?

You can do anything you put your mind to!

You can change your mindset and therefore change your life. If you are looking to lose weight and let it stay that way, follow me for some delicious “non-diet” ideas. Love yourself and stay positive, because “brand new you” is an amazing person!

And I am so happy to call you my FRIEND.

Take your shot, friend, because if you don’t,

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”- Wayne Gretzky